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  • Work Place

    Salary Treatment

    Position Type

    Work Experience

    No。10, no。12 weiwei road, hengmen west, cuiheng new district, zhongshan city3000-4000Yuan/monthfull timeThere is no limit
  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the statistics, data collection and collection of statements

    2. Complete temporary tasks and information transmission arranged by the superior


    1. The dormitory is equipped with elevators, air conditioners, fans and water heaters; Free sugar water on Tuesdays and fridays.

    2. Five social insurance and one housing fund, group accident insurance, free physical examination;

    3. Paid annual leave, full attendance of 120 minutes' personal leave every month, 3 days' paid sick leave, overtime shall be calculated according to law;

    4. Staff travel;

    5. Competing for post promotion: have development space such as internal recruitment, promotion mechanism and skills training;

    6. Performance bonus and year-end bonus.

  • job requirements:



  • Work Place

    Salary Treatment

    Position Type

    Work Experience

    No.10, no.12 weiwei road, hengmen west, cuiheng new district, zhongshan city3000-4000元/月full-timeThere is no limit
  • Job Responsibilities:

    1。 Remove burrs, flying edges and glue mouth according to operation instructions;

    2. Assemble the processed products, put the products of this class into the box, and fill in the process qualification form (name, date, weight, quantity and shift) for inspection of packaging and statistics;

    3. Implement the quality system management requirements of this position.

  • job requirements:

    1. Age 18 to 45, male or female, junior high school or above

    2。 1 year working experience in plastic product assembly。

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