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About Darkoo

Darkoo Optics Co., Ltd is an expert company which carries on the exploitation, the optical lens of spherical surface and non-spherical surface processing, LED lens, stic fittings, optical mould, and accurate plastic mould. The products are mainly export to Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, HongKong and other area.

For the spherical surface and non-spherical surface lens application and the LED lens application that is in the field of lighting, the company has many years experience of design, mould exploitation and manufacture, as long as the clients offer the drawing, sample or the draft and idea of the necessary products to us, we can imitate and design, and open the mould from optics, setting one package service for injection molding or offer the best design project of the products you needed.

The high-power LED lens aim for the lighting industry, our factory offer the big and small size, single-head, multiple-head, concave, convex, stripe, cross, honey comb, different angle of the LED optical lens and many styles of bracket sets, the price is reasonable, the quality is excellent, the production raw materials are used the original import optical PMMA of Mitsubishi Japan, to make sure the optical penetration rate of the products is 90% above......

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Darkoo Optics Co., Ltd

It is the earliest enterprise engaged in LED optical design, mold design and high precision optical injection molding in China。

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